Espresso Basics: A Starter Recipe for Home Machines

Espresso Basics: A Starter Recipe for Home Machines

Basic Guide for Breville (or similar) Espresso Machines:

  • 18g fine ground coffee
  • 36-40ml liquid espresso
  • 30 seconds extraction

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Prepare: Tare your scale with the portafilter attached.
  2. Measure: Add 18g of ground coffee into the portafilter. If the espresso flows too quickly, consider a finer grind for next time.
  3. Even & Tamp: Level the grounds by tapping the portafilter sides, then tamp firmly to create a uniform surface. A slight twist off ensures no grounds stick to the tamper.
  4. Rinse: Flush the group head briefly (1-2 seconds), then tare your scale with your cup ready under the portafilter.
  5. Brew: Insert the portafilter and start brewing.
  6. Stop: Aim to stop the shot 2 grams before your target weight.

Note: This recipe might need adjustments based on your specific grinder, espresso machine, and coffee type. It serves as a reliable foundation.

Grinding Tip:

Consider how water interacts with different grind sizes: finer grinds slow the water, coarser grinds speed it up. Adjust the grind size if your espresso extracts too quickly (finer) or to slow (coarser).

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