Boost profits with quality coffee, transparent pricing and ethical practices.

Ever wanted to start your very own coffee brand?

Maybe you want to start a side business selling online? Or a wholesale business supplying other cafes? Maybe you're already a café owner and you want to control the quality and flavour of your beans though your very own blend.

What's been stopping you? The large capital investment? The roasting knowledge and skill?

At Bliss Coffee Roasters, we celebrate the coffee dreamer who wants to start their own café, their own coffee brand, and those already on their coffee journey. We understand the challenges, having navigated them ourselves. Our intricate knowledge of every step of the coffee process, including what happens in cafes allows us to help our coffee partners along the way.

It starts with roasting our coffee by hand, where attention to detail is a way of life. Our experienced roasters and support team at Bliss are dedicated to helping you deliver the best coffee experience, for your customers.

We are dedicated to servicing our local partners with full service, because we believe working together is the best recipe for success.


Our Coffee Rotation

Our supply includes a selection of single origin wholesale coffee beans that we carry year-round. We also bring in limited runs of seasonal feature single-origin beans. These are available to our wholesale partners as well.

We have a range blends created by utilising our high-quality, single origin beans.

We also create blends specifically and exclusively made for our partners. Check out our 'Custom Product Development' section below for more info on that.

We roast every week to ensure our partners can offer their clients and guests the freshest cup possible.


Our Coffee Beans are Ethically Sourced

We take pride in making sure our beans come from sources that treat their workers properly, and we participate in Fair Trade purchasing. These farmers are focused on growing high quality produce, organically and maintain the natural landscape to provide the required natural shade for the coffee trees.

We are especially filled with love, working with farms and co-ops that help improve the situations in their local areas.

Ms. Rizkani of the Kokowagayo Womens Cooperative 


Consultation & Advice

We're here to be part of your support system and we’re here for you to learn on as you need. Your success is our success. It's important to have people you can consult within the coffee industry.

In our years of experience, we have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes in the coffee industry. Giving us a unique perspective. We pull from this experience to consult you, and give advice that will have an impact on your business.


Café Supplies & Paper Products

We make sure you can get all your accessories, paper product, and cafe supplies from the same place.

We do this to ensure you get the best quality at the best prices and you can focus on growing your business.

Let us save you the hassle of dealing with multiple different vendors, you'll be better for it.

Barista Training & Coffee Education

Ensuring your customers are getting the best coffee & espresso drinks is important. That's why we provide Barista training. This includes the fundamentals of a strong coffee education.

We also know it's important to train on your equipment, in your location. We work with your Barista's to show them what give them the edge over competition and provide them with the knowledge to succeed.

We also recognise that most customers look at Barista's as a coffee authority. Which in turn makes the coffee education that Barista's have all the more important.


Custom Product Development

We understand every business is unique. The desire to develop their own product and branding is natural and it’s an exciting time. It can also be a bit overwhelming, and you may not know where to even start! That's why we support businesses in a wide variety of custom product development.

This can include private label, custom blends or roasting or blend development to match a flavour profile you and your customers will love.

We take care of all the roasting and packaging, so you can focus on growing your business without the capital investment.



Having the right tools to ensure your coffee tastes great is a must.

Knowing how to choose equipment, can be a challenge. We'll use our experience to provide the best options for your busines and our industry contacts to ensure you receive the best pricing and service.

Our experience comes from years of working with machines in different settings.


We do all of our roasting in Maitland, NSW. If you would like more information, get in touch with our team on 0431121844  or email

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